How to S2 Abroad along with the Requirements that Must Be Met

For some Indonesian students, obtaining an S2 scholarship abroad is one of the biggest dreams. Besides being able to add experience, the advantage that will be obtained after studying abroad can be felt is the ease of achieving a dream career. Because, of course, there are many companies that are more interested in recruiting graduates from abroad. The opportunity to study abroad is always wide open. It’s just that the opportunity to get the scholarship is still considered difficult. When in reality, the opportunity to continue S2 abroad is quite easy, if you know the trick. For those of you who are curious about the trick, check out the full explanation below . We will discuss how to S2 abroad easily.

Destination Country for Overseas S2 Scholarships Worth Trying

For those of you who are still confused, which countries open up opportunities for students from abroad to study there? Until now, Germany is still the most popular destination to continue studying S2. In fact, there are many other countries in this world that open scholarship opportunities for foreign students, including:

1. Australia

You can make Australia as one of the destination countries when you want to continue your S2 higher education. The Australian government itself even dared to invest $200 million annually in educational activities. There are many of the best universities in Australia that you can try. Starting from the University of Sydney, The University of Melbourne, to the Australian National University (ANU). All three universities have been shown to provide partial scholarships for students from different countries of the world. Not to mention, there is additional health protection aimed at students who have high academic performance.

2. England

Next is the British country. There are several uk universities that are famous for being able to equip foreign students with a variety of specific skills. So, this is certainly a differentiator between its competitors who come from their home countries later. Not only that, for outstanding students, the UK will also provide various facilities, one of which is the best university that has been registered in the QAA.

In addition, these outstanding students will also be given the opportunity to be able to travel around Europe. It can be used as a place to find experiences. Therefore, the UK being one of the countries of choice for scholarship purposes in pursuing a Master’s degree abroad is well worth considering.

3. Canada

Canada is also one of the countries that offers scholarship opportunities for foreign students who have achievements. Basically, the scholarships awarded are mostly partial. That means, the cost is only partially covered . Not only that, if you are interested in continuing S2 in Canada, then all the files and data needed must be sent directly to the destination university.

4. New Zealand

Who would have thought that New Zealand also opened up a great opportunity for scholarships for foreign students from Southeast Asia. Indonesia is no exception . Many universities in New Zealand offer partial scholarship services for each level of higher education. Starting from S1 to S2 and S3.

5. United States

The United States can also be chosen as the destination country for students interested in seeking scholarships to pursue a Master’s degree abroad. Most universities there will offer scholarships based on student merit. The main requirements are good academic performance and also other supporting factors, for example, organizational experience to extracurriculars.

How to S2 Abroad with Scholarships

After discussing various countries that can be used as destinations for overseas scholarships. Now is the time for us to discuss how to S2 abroad to be able to get a Master’s degree in the country of people. Basically, there are a few steps that you have to skip. The following are some of the ways S2 goes abroad that you can try.

1. TOEFL and IELTS Test Preparation

To be able to study abroad, of course, the main requirement that must be met is to be proficient in English. Therefore, this ability can be seen from the TOEFL or IELTS test. Generally, the score for the TOEFL test is at least 550, while for IELTS it usually has to be at least 6.0. Even so, it is very likely that each university abroad will apply different requirements.

However, if you want to study abroad without having to use English as your main language, then try to learn the language of your destination country . So you will get added value. For example, when you want to continue your education at the University of China, then you need to deepen the Chinese Language. So your chances of being accepted will be even greater.

2. Do Research On Universities and Fields of Study of Interest

Before deciding to apply for an S2 scholarship abroad, it would be better if you first learn about the university and also the field of study you are interested in. At least, think about why you want to choose the college? Why do you want to choose such a study program? That question is what you should look for the answer to.

3. Strive to Have Work Experience according to the Field of Interest

After graduating from Bachelor’s Degree S1, there is nothing wrong with adding experience by working in any company or field. While waiting for the scholarship application to take S2 abroad in the process. However, try to work in a field that matches the field of interest you will take to study abroad. It will obviously make it easier for you to get the scholarship.

4. Write More Scientific Papers

You need to know, that it is not only work experience that can support success in obtaining S2 scholarships abroad. The experience of writing scientific papers can also help you in obtaining such scholarships. Therefore, it would be better, you need to increase the number of scientific papers or journals related to the field of study you want to take.

You can try to write several essays or books related to your chosen field of study. It never hurts to start thinking about plans to make research when undergoing S2 studies later. It is possible that this will be asked during the interview session. That way, you can give an idea of the purpose of choosing the study.

5. There is a Letter of Recommendation

With a letter of recommendation, it will also greatly support the success of obtaining an S2 scholarship abroad. This letter of recommendation will give confidence to the assessee if indeed the applicant actually has . ability. Basically, a letter of recommendation made specifically for the benefit of an overseas scholarship must be written by 2 people, at a minimum.

Therefore, it would be better to choose two people to write the recommendation letter. Make sure that the two are still related in the chosen field of study. Maybe it can be from the lecturer’s side or it can also be from the office where they work. Generally, it is such a party that will help to highlight the positive abilities possessed.

6. Consult With Experienced People

If you already feel confused when you want to try applying for an S2 scholarship abroad, there is an easy way to do it. One of them is by asking directly to people who have tried the scholarship and succeeded. The way to get acquainted with these people is to join forums or educational institutions that do facilitate scholarship activities.

In the community, there will be a lot of information about how to apply for the S2 scholarship abroad. Starting from the requirements that must be met, the process flow, and so on. Not only that, but the professional fellow scholarship recipients will also generally not hesitate to various tricks that can be applied. So that the preparation for applying for the scholarship becomes more mature.

 Fully Funded Overseas S2 Scholarship Recommendations

Have you ever imagined studying abroad and away from family? Meet new friends from other countries and definitely get used to using foreign languages? It must seem cool, right? Well, you can realize this dream through the scholarship program. No need to worry, there are many institutions that not only bear the cost of education, but also cover all the necessities of life to accommodation while abroad. If you are interested in applying for a scholarship, here is how to S2 abroad that you can do.

1. MEXT Scholarship

This MEXT Scholarship is provided by the Japanese government and is intended for those of you who want to continue your S1 or S2 education in Japan. You don’t have to be proficient in Japanese to be able to apply for this scholarship, but you are advised to master Japanese, at least at the basic level. There are three types of MEXT scholarships, namely Undergraduate or Gakubu, Specialized Training College or Senshu, and College of Technology or Kosen. Each of these programs has a different focus and duration of study.

MEXT Scholarship Requirements:

– Graduates of formal schools at the high school / vocational / equivalent level.
– Maximum age of 24 years when registering
– Specific requirements for each program can be seen on the page.

MEXT Scholarship Coverage:

– Tuition fees are fully covered (including tuition fees and preparation).
– Receive a living allowance of ¥117,000 (Rp15,652,560) per month.
– Indonesia-Japan return flight tickets are provided.
– Free student visa processing fee.
– No official ties.

2. Mitsui Bussan Scholarship

Next is the Bussan Scholarship, where this scholarship is intended for those of you who intend to continue your education in Japan. Generally, this scholarship will last for 5 years and 5 months, consisting of 1.5 years of Japanese language courses, and 4 years to study in lectures. The scholarship participants will later receive Language training at the Tokyo Japanese Language Education Center of Independent Administrative Institution, Japan Student Services Organization, Tokyo, Japan.

Conditions for the Mitsui Bussan Scholarship:

– Indonesian citizen.
– Less than 20 years old
– Unmarried and willing to be unmarried during the scholarship acceptance period.
– Open to high school graduates / MAN majoring in science or social studies
– Willing to study Japanese and get an education at a university that uses Japanese.
– Physically and spiritually healthy and have no history of infectious diseases.

Mitsui Bussan Scholarship Coverage:

– FREE scholarship application fee,
– Get a living expenses allowance of 145,000 yen (± Rp18 million) every month,
– Get a return economy class flight ticket from Indonesia – Japan in advance and end of scholarship period,
– Get an arrival allowance of 50,000 yen (± Rp6 million) which will be given upon arrival in Japan,
– FREE tuition fees including tuition fees registration and cost of Japanese courses.

3. Orange Tulip Scholarship

Orange Tulip Scholarship is a scholarship provided by the Dutch government through Nuffic Neso Indonesia. This scholarship is intended for students who intend to continue their S1 or S2 education in the Netherlands. Where this scholarship has collaborated with 25 of the best universities in the country. Before applying, make sure the campus you choose is already registered as a partner of this scholarship program.

Orange Tulip Scholarship Requirements:

– Indonesian citizen.
– Status when applying for this scholarship is not currently working or studying in the Netherlands.
– Is in the process of applying, or has been accepted into one of the partner universities of the Orange Tulip Scholarship Program.
– Meet the special conditions set by each Orange Tulip Scholarship scheme.

Orange Tulip Scholarship Coverage:

– Free tuition fee of 30 – 100% until graduation

4. IFA Paris Scholarship

Do you aspire to be a world-class designer ? If so, then you need to know this one scholarship. The International Fashion Academy Paris opens tuition scholarships for S1 and S2 programs. Especially for the S1 program, you can choose 4 study programs, namely Bachelor of Visual Merchandising, Bachelor of Fashion Design and Technology, Bachelor of Fashion Sustainability, and Bachelor of Fashion Marketing.

IFA Paris Scholarship Coverage:

– Full Scholarship (100 percent tuition fee free ), deadline: March 15, 2022.
– Excellence Scholarship (40 percent reduction in tuition fees), no application deadline.
– Distinction Scholarship ( 20 percent reduction in tuition fees), no application deadline.

IFA Paris Scholarship Requirements:

– Have completed high school / vocational school / equivalent.
– Minimum age of 16 years
old– Have a minimum ielts score of 5.5 or TOEFL 65
– have an interest in the field of fashion design or business and also fashion marketing.
– Applicants for the Bachelor in Fashion Design & Technology and Bachelor Fashion Sustainability with Design Major programs, are required to attach a portfolio.
– Pay a registration fee worth 150 Euros.
– Willing to conduct interview selection via Skype or at a live university.
– Fill out the registration form and upload the translated document file into English using the services of a sworn translator.

5. KAIST Scholarship

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This scholarship is perfect for those of you who are interested in deepening the science of technology in the country of South Korea. KAIST (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology) is one of the best technology campuses that has produced various top alumni. Starting from Rim Ji Hoon, the founder of Kakao Talk application, and Hae Jin Lee, the founder of LINE application.

KAIST Scholarship Coverage:

– Free tuition for 8 semesters,
– Support for living expenses worth $300 or RP4,3 Million per month,
– Health insurance costs.

KAIST Scholarship Requirements:

– International students (including Indonesia),
– Have/will graduate from high school before August 31 , 2022, and are ready to go to college in the fall season/autumn 2022,
– Meet the language requirements English with a recommended score for TOEFL iBT min. score 83 / TOEFL PBT min. score 63 / TOEFL CBT min. score 220 / IELTS min. score 6.5 / TOEIC Listening & Reading min. score 720 / TEPS min. score 326,
– Especially for students graduating from school with an English language of instruction, english language requirement documents are not required.


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