10 Benefits of the Internet For Government

Benefits of the Internet in government – The life of modern society today cannot be separated from the internet. The Internet plays an important role in various areas of human life today. The internet provides all the benefits in the form of convenience, efficiency, productivity in living life.

What is the internet about? What are the benefits of the Internet in human life? What are the benefits of the internet in government? and The Usefulness of The Use of Information and Communication Technology in the Field of Government.

What is the Internet?

Internet or Interconnected Network is a global communication system that connects computers and computer networks around the world. The Internet is defined as a network of computers connected to each other, which can be used as an exchange of information flows between one another.

O’Brien gives a definition of the internet. According to O’Brien, the internet is a rapidly growing computer network, which provides benefits and positive impacts for education, business, and government. The internet is a very important need for individuals, organizations, companies, and government agencies.

When reviewed in general terms, the internet has several functions and purposes that facilitate human life, for example:

  1. Facilitates the flow of information exchange
  2. Connecting humans separated by distance, even between continents

If reviewed in general terms, the internet has several benefits that certainly facilitate human life, for example:

  1. As a means of seeking entertainment
  2. Fast communication tools
  3. A complete source of information
  4. Media to add insight

The Internet continues to experience its development until now. The internet is not only used to connect with each other, but has also become part of the lifestyle of modern humans. Almost all human activities are always related to the internet, for example shopping, banking transactions, to learning online.

Benefits of the Internet

If concluded, there are four benefits of the Internet in human life, namely:

1. As a Means of Socialization and Communication

The Internet is useful as a means of communication and socialization between fellow humans. Nowadays, we don’t need to face-to-face to be able to have conversations with other people. There are inventions of online conversation technology such as Whatsapp, Line, Telegram, and other conversational applications that can make us connect in real-time with other people in the hemisphere anywhere and can be at any time.

2. As a Means of Business

In addition to being useful for socialization and communication facilities, the internet is also useful in the field of business or business. If in ancient times the market and buying and selling transactions could only be found in the form of physical stores or in the market, which required us to come to the place to buy necessities. Now all that has become easier with the existence of a marketplace.

With the presence of the internet, online markets are growing massively and rapidly, we can find any product that we need and want in the marketplace. This certainly makes it easier for humans because it is fast, practical, and saves energy and time.

3. Self-Developing

Not only for doing business and means of communication, another benefit obtained from the internet is that it can be used to improve self-development through online courses that can be followed only just from home, you know! We can choose according to our own wishes the type of training and training time we want by searching for it on the internet, sometimes it can also be accessed for free aka for free!

4. Entertainment

Not only fulfilling needs, the internet offers to get entertainment in the form of both audio and visual. Starting from online games, to watching movies online.

Benefits of the Internet in Government

Well, in addition to the four benefits that have been described above. The Internet is useful in the field of government. What are the benefits of the internet in government? As we all know, internet users in this kiwari era are not only for businesses, students, and ordinary people.

However, official government agencies have also utilized the internet to support and support services to make it faster, more practical, and easier. The benefits of the internet in the field of government in this case apply to both the central government and local governments.

The Internet is useful covering various areas of human life, such as in the field of economics, society, education, banking, business, trade, health, tourism, animal husbandry, agriculture, and even government.

Not only profitable in terms of daily life, the internet is also very useful in the field of government. If we look carefully, almost all governments ranging from the central government and local governments have their own websites that can be accessed by the public according to their needs and the need.

In the field of government, the government uses the internet to create information systems that have benefits while facilitating government tasks.

The existence of this website certainly makes it easier for the government to carry out its policies and services to the community. Not only that, there are still many benefits that can be obtained by both the government itself and the community at large. The Internet has quite a positive impact on the field of government. The benefits of the internet in the field of Government include :

1. As a Medium to Accept People’s Aspirations

The main benefit of the internet in the field of government that is often used is as a medium to accept the aspirations of the people, especially for local governments. People can channel their aspirations, criticisms, and suggestions through the official government website.

By using this method, it can be said to be more effective and efficient for the community. The use of the website as a means of accepting the aspirations of the community is equally beneficial for both parties, be it policymakers or the community. This method is considered faster and easier. Without taking a long time, people’s aspirations can be directly responded to through the relevant government website. With the website, we can submit complaints, criticisms, suggestions, and input to the government easily and quickly. Almost all government agencies today provide websites with facilities for complaints, suggestions, suggestions, and other community aspirations.

2. As an Official Information Medium

The use of the internet for the government can be used as a means to convey official information issued by the government. The information is published through the official website to official government-owned social media so that users who follow it can find out and spread it to the wider community. In addition, visitors can also see data or official government structures listed on the official government website. Everything related to information about the government, both in the central and regional governments, would be better if it was conveyed through the official website. This needs to be done in order to minimize the occurrence of hoax news or fake news which has recently been rampant and developing in ordinary people.

The Internet is a very effective medium to use in conveying any information. The government can submit official information on websites managed by government agencies that aim to provide services to the community.

3. As a Promotional Media

The benefits of the internet in the next field of government are as a means or media for regional promotion. All potentials and tourism in the regions ranging from the Village, District, Regency, City, to Provincial levels can be promoted through the official government website. Promotion in this case includes the fields of tourism, culture, business, agriculture, forestry, marine, mining and so on which belong to the relevant government.

The Internet in the field of government is paying off benefits. This is because the internet can be a medium for promoting regional potential, starting from the village level to the provincial level.

4. Facilitate Coordination in a Government Activity

In modern and sophisticated times like today, coordination between superiors and subordinates can be done more quickly and easily through the internet. In addition, for their subordinates they can send tasks in the form of activity reports that have been made through an administrative system without the need to directly report face-to-face face. This certainly facilitates and accelerates the coordination of activities in the field of government.

5. As a Government Campaign Media

The next benefit of the internet in the field of government is as a government campaign medium. The campaign in this case is in the form of new government programs , for example regarding family planning, increasing legal awareness, healthy and clean lifestyles, programs for improving the economy and welfare of the people and miscellaneous programs.

6. Facilitate the Administrative System

The government usually has a website that contains online data management facilities. This can simplify and homogenize the administrative system between government agencies, central to regional or vice versa. This convenience makes the process of financial reporting, staffing, and reporting administration much faster and more effective.

7. Save On Operational Costs

It is undeniable that between the governments of one region and another, it is necessary to coordinate and synergize together. The use of the website can save the operational costs of agencies because there is no need to hold in-person meetings that will cost quite a lot of budget. Each branch of government agencies in the regions must provide reports to central agencies regularly and periodically. Likewise, central agencies always provide information and instructions to the branches of agencies in the regions.

8. Making It Easier for People to Get Access to Public Services

The existence of the internet makes it easier for people to access government websites in obtaining information and getting services from even remote places during the availability of internet access in that place.

9. Supporting Public Information Disclosure

The Internet provides information that is very accessible to the public. This is useful for supporting the transparency of information that should be known by the wider community, for example regarding the budget, management of social assistance funds, development plans of a the region of the future, the selection of partners in the procurement of goods and services by government agencies, and other information. The existence of this information disclosure is useful so that the agency does not commit policy misappropriation or embezzlement of funds.

10. Invite Community Participation

In addition, the internet can be an effective medium for the government in inviting community participation for various purposes such as recruiting volunteers, conducting surveys, collaborating with institutions non-governmental organizations (NGOs), among others. Well, those are the 10 benefits of the internet in the field of government that are useful for the government and society. Hopefully , internet access in Indonesia will be faster and more evenly distributed throughout the country, so that policies and all information that has been set by the government can quickly reach the public

The Use of Information and Communication Technology in the Government Sector

The development of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) continues to develop rapidly and penetrates into various fields of life, including in the field of government. Based on its history, the development of technology began already from the time of the revolution in England in 1760-1840. From England, the era of technology continues to develop to this day.

Quoted from the book entitled Learning Teacher Module: Utilization of the Internet for Learning (Basic) by Indarti et al (2015: 7-8), current technological developments, especially information and communication technology have changing the human paradigm of obtaining information and communicating. Because, this period is no longer limited by the dimensions of time and space. The existence of information and communication technology today is useful to make it easier for humans to access the desired information, anytime and anywhere. Of the many fields, one of the fields that also felt the impact of the development of this technology was the government sector.

Rumah Belajar launched the advantages of Information and Communication Technology in the field of government, including:

  1. Service to the community is improving.
  2. Information and Communication Technology developed in the government or what is called e-government makes it easier for people to access government policies and services so that the programs launched the government can run well and smoothly.
  3. E-government can also support more efficient government management, and can improve communication between the government and the business and industrial sectors.
  4. The public can provide input, criticism, and suggestions about policies made by the government so that they can improve government performance.
  5. The relationship between the government and the private sector and the public has increased because the information circulating is easier to obtain
  6. The loss of bureaucracy that has been a scourge for the business world and society when it comes to government.


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